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    Hi peeps. I'm doing this for my editing class. Assignment is to create a video series. Here's mine. Mike's Production Corner - Video Production on a budget. I'm awful in front of the camera, to forewarn. Thank you in advance for all criticism, I'm ready.

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    Maybe a bit more light on the right for your left side in the initial shot.
    Tidy up (or simply push stuff in a corner of the room where it is not on film).
    Use a single colored cloth or whatever to place the presented items instead of the flower pattern. This can also be used as background to hide shoes and drying bras.
    Don't have a running TV in the background. It distracts from the content. Shallower depth of field for similar reason.
    Why are you switching locations? Was this done on purpose.
    Lighting, lighting, lighting.
    I know how hard it is to film yourself but try not to cut your head.
    At 1:50 you filmed to the right but the image was on the left. This was better at 2:50.
    Audio was fairly fine to serve the purpose and I could follow the instruction easily.

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    Thanks for the feedback, its really appreciated, and gives me a couple of things to think about before filming episode 2. I have 1 week to film these episodes, which for me means I basically have 1 weekend to do it, so a lot of it is rushed, poorly planned shoots. LOL @ background bras, I only noticed this after I published the video, I got to watch for that stuff. I kind of shot as much footage on the subject as I could, then built the story from the footage. I need to improve in the planning department.
    I already have extra lighting i ordered coming in this week. The depth of field suggestion is interesting. I don't think my camera is capable of giving this to me, but I might have a plugin that can simulate this. Have you ever tried creating the effect in the post...? I will play with it and see how it looks. Thanks again..!

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    I think reducing the depth of field in post is not worth the work.

    By the way don't get me wrong I am guilty of most of the things I mentioned myself and maybe just noticed them because of that

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    I learned something from your video and so I think it was a success

    i liked the transitions

    you cut off your head and this is my patented technique but I'll let it slide this time


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