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    Hi, I shot a great wedding some time ago and decided to make something different. Instead of a regular highlights clip I made a cinematic wedding trailer.
    All the underwater footage was shot with GoPro Black, the rest of the footage was shot with C100 in WD mode, all footage from a rig was taken with Canon 50mm f/1.2 L, on a Flycam Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS. A couple of wide slow motion shots at the end of the film was taken with Canon 60D. All footage was Color Graided in NLE.
    I will be more than happy to hear what you think, and I will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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    Alexander, this is excellent. No real bits I want to pick up on, except I thought that the very final shot (slo-mo kissing with zero sound) lasted just a little bit too long for my taste. But that's personal preference.

    Nice grading. Love the intro where you're not quite sure what's going on and what to expect. The underwater shots make a ver refreshing change to the normal wedding films. I like the walking shots through the trees a lot. Was this a shoulder rig stabilised in post or glide cam?

    I wish I could get our couples to spend more time with video instead of photos and drinking!

    Obvious question will be about the source of the soundtrack music…..


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    The shot with the trees was captured with Flycam + C100 + 17-55mm.
    Soundtrack from

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    Well, I've watched it twice now and while there are some superb shots in there at awesome locations, certain shots and sequences still jar.
    Out of the water, in the water, repeat, repeat.
    Personally iI felt it would have looked better edited to retain some continuity. Either underwater start, then stood in dry clothes or vice versa. Constantly switching between the 2 scenes just left me cold.
    Too many wobbly shots, that could so easily have been filmed rock solid (Underwater apart) would have lifted the edit up a few notches. The music was, for me, the weakest link. A more powerful piece would have helped these powerful shots, at this awesome location, surge to its true potential
    Your flycam forest shot was breathtaking as were a lot of other shots especially at the reception venue which had senstional lighting which you captured so well.

    I know, especially if you do this for a living, that many edits are done to a timescale and we don't always have enough time to step back and linger on many edits, so sorry to nit pick, but this well shot piece deserves to be sooooo much better.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Very nice video, the underwater scenes really adds the charm very nicely edited shots but i just think that color grading could have been a little bit better with a little bit of level adjustments. its just my opinion lets see what others think about it

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    It's a lovely thing for a couple to own for the rest of their lives.

    Filmically I wondered about the aspect ratio and the tradition in England is that the groom doesn't see the bride on the day prior, or before the service - and only then, moments before the vows are taken.

    If that was filmed elsewhere then it might not work ( e.g November in Cleethorpes ) - as it depends on good weather and an uncrowded location . . . . but it's still nice to watch.... thanks.

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    You obviously have great skill with your camera, the shooting is truly great. So my comments are more toward your editing and shaping of the film. The first half of the couple in the water and woods would have benefited greatly from voice overs by the couple each saying something about the other or reciting some hip love poetry. Would have really filled that section with depth and meaning. Otherwise those scenes are in the danger zone of just becoming a kissy mushy kissy bunch of tripe. On the other hand, the wedding evening itself was fantastic and needed nothing... it grabbed me and held onto my attention, brilliant. When the ceremony started I felt it begged some voice over from the rabbi for maybe 10-15 seconds saying something profound. Not a fan of slo-mo but it worked with the party and the lights. Those are my ideas. Well done!


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    The lighting scene with the tables was great, loved a number of the other shots. Music was perfect and matched the editing (especially as it picked up in the pacing). The water scenes were executed well, but felt like they wore on a little too long. Overall, just a fantastic final piece though.
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