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Thread: Vegas will not import new camera AVI files

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    Default Vegas will not import new camera AVI files

    This has probably been answered a million times but I couldn't find anything related with the search engine.
    I have been using Sony Vegas to edit footage from my Sony Handicam for some time. I recently bought a Hitachi HD camera but Vegas will only import the audio from the AVI files on the SD card.
    I downloaded GSpot to find out what is in the AVI files. It says they are MP4 H.264. But it also tells me I have the codec installed.
    A friend told me that I have to convert the files before I can use them in Vegas. Why would you want to do that and if so what do you convert them to?
    Would there be any loss of quality if I have been shooting footage in HD?



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    Surprised a new camera isn't compatible with SVMS - most are, so is this a old camcorder, perhaps...what file options does it give you... that might help for "next-time"

    However, if you can - do the conversion as you've been advised - mts comes out of my Sony camcorder and goes into SVMS a treat . . . video and audio.

    There may be some loss of quality - but only you can determine if it's acceptable or not. A quick method is to film a TV screen and see if the line/pixel/images are sharp - it's not perfect, but it's free/quick.

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    Hi, Thanks for your input.
    According to GSpot the camera records in the following format
    AVI Video: size 1920 x 1080, f/sec 29.97, codec H.264 MPEG-4 AVC. Audio: 48000Hz, 385 kb/s.
    The spec details with the camera say it also records in MOV format although I have yet to find this.
    Even though GSpot reports that I have the codecs installed, Vegas will not recognize the files, or in some instances, only import the audio so I have to convert before I am able to edit.
    My questions are......
    Which format do I convert to in order to maintain the quality?
    Do I have to change the video size / frame rate?
    Once I have edited the footage, what format (video size & frame rate) do I render to in order to watch the files played from a media hard drive onto a flat screen HD TV.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I'm guessing that Hitachi must have it's own particular flavour of H.264, you could have a look around their website or the camera manual to see if there is an Hitachi codec to download.

    If you do need to convert the footage, don't change any settings from the original ie keep the same frame rate, resolution, bit rate etc... I would personally go for an mpeg2 formate as this seems to be a good compromise between file size and workable editing format.

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