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Thread: Flying from moving Jetski

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    Thumbs up Flying from moving Jetski

    1000 Saturdays 1000 islands
    Love the motion tracker of after effect.
    Shot with gopro hero3 black, with monopod & underwater case.
    Res 1920x1440 4:3 pal 48fps in raw.
    edited with pinnacle, after effect, gopro, adobe photoshop, acdseepro, & free royalty musics. And hours of hours on editing

    With 20s pwcs every trip and several journeys, which mean lots lots of raw videos, I tried to edit it with mean & lots of cutting & throw away uncool scene.
    & finally with lots of split scene also, till I came down to 8 minutes (been Aiming down to 5m though, but couldn't pull it out).
    hope it's not bore you up.

    Check the end of the video flying from jetski scene :
    SEA YRs - 1000 Saturdays 1000 Islands - part 4

    any input & comment are mostly welcome

    Check out the FLYBOARD on part 8-11
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    I've deleted your other videos as the rule is one video per thread.

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    Ok, sorry for that.

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