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Thread: shameless attempt to win a million dollars

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    Default shameless attempt to win a million dollars

    So here is my Uncle Vito's shameless attempt to win a million dollars ...

    If you want to rate it (please rate it very high) you can go to ...

    ... it only works in IE for me

    By the way, if you are wondering how to rate the contest videos, here are the guidelines:

    - if there is no dialogue, give it the lowest rating
    - if it's a video that depicts some unusual person, animal or other entity trying to get Doritos, give it a low rating and add a comment questioning the entrant's sexual orientation
    - if it packs a lot of scintillating dialogue, reminiscent of Gilmore Girls (remember Rory and Lorelei?) give it the top rating
    - if there is a phone call a la Bob Newhart (although he remains the master) write a personal letter to Stan Lee telling him that the winning entry is pretty darned obvious

    That's it
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    If this clip goes viral, I shall ask my Doctor whether there is any inoculation available.

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    In 2007 I took my wife to Orlando with me for an IBM conference called "impact 2007"

    We spent an evening at Disney MGM and rode the Tower of Terror

    After the Tower, we decided to try the Rockin Roller Coaster featuring the music of Aerosmith

    We waited two hours to get on the ride (the line snaked out the building and down the road)

    We finally got on the ride and it was definitely "Rockin" -- it broke down and everything stopped half way through

    It took about five minutes for them to fix the ride and bring us back around to the start

    But then the girl said "you might as well go on the ride again, there's nobody here"

    My wife and I were floored to see that there was nobody in line and apparently the ride hadn't been busy all night

    We rode again and all went fine but since then we have discovered many things that aren't the same as before

    For example, during the Arab spring I found out that Alexandria isn't an ancient abandoned archaeological site but rather a vibrant modern city

    Every day my wife and I come across things that are different from before, both big and small - my neighbour's sister Anita is now her cousin Anita

    I made a movie called "Objective Collapse" to try to explore what happened to us and posted it to this forum

    My wife and I still plan to go back to the ride and try to get home, but in the meantime you guys are stuck with us

    You know me well enough by now to know that if there was a punch line I'd be delivering it right here ...

    ... Cricket ... Cricket ...


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