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Thread: 2013 Jump Rope Demo Reel

  1. Default 2013 Jump Rope Demo Reel

    This is a video I edited to include most of my biggest and favorite experiences this year

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    Very cool stuff but I think I'd seen it all in the first half of the video. I think the second half is over kill.

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    I can't watch it because of copyright issues :(

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    Oh to be young and fit. (Actually even old and fit would be a massive improvement) Impressive stuff.

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    Have to agree with midnight - crazy skills on display but it's too long for me at nearly 7 minutes.
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    I think this is the 3rd clip I have seen from the OP. In general the same problems apply as the gym looks like a terrible place to film this kind of action.
    However, there were sections which were filmed with special lighting/black background, and good looking rope. That looked good. I wanted to see that action closer and from different angles.
    I think it is time you were filmed better! And hopefully make amazing 3 min videos instead of these long ones.
    (btw - well done. I liked the multiple backflips on the beach).

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