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    Today my friend and I were going to film a short film, but due to a limited crew we had to do something else. In that progress we improvised a short video that I used to practice my colour grade. Also I screwed the setting on one of the last shots and it captured a overly bright shot.
    Any tips on how to improve my style or suggestions are welcomed.

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    Hi Fredriov, not much to say about this clip, there were some nothing shots, and your sky was very overexposed on the tree shots. The framing seemed a bit cramped and I would have liked some wider shots to represent the open space. I didn't get the bubbles/flares, I think they were distracting in the end. The colours seemed flat, I'm no expert on grading, but it was a dull overcast day so maybe not the best conditions.

    But you have portrayed some feeling in this, and conveyed a message quite well, which is more important than too many technical details

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    A sweet little piece. As Stripe said the sky is very blown out so much so you have lost half the branches. What did you do to try and prevent this ?

    As for the grading, what look were you aiming for ?

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