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Thread: Advice on how to achieve this kind of result

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    Hey Guys, I'm hoping you will be able to help me. I'm looking to create a video similar to this one ( I'm looking for advice on how this was created and what techniques and software to use as well as any tips or tricks you might have on how this was achieved. All advice welcome. I'm fairly used to using programs such as sony vegas and after effects, just looking for some direction!

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    The clip contains a large number of effects. I have no idea what software was used, but suspect your current software is adequate for the moving text. What other effect(s) are you wanting to achieve?

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    When you say you are looking to create something similar do you mean the editing and post production or the filming? All the editing can be achieved with Premiere Pro and After Effects (never used Vegas but from what I know should be up to it). My advice is to read up on creative post production effects on sites like

    The filming is a combination of timelapse mixed with high frame rate recording (good for sport) mixed with some studio work mixed with eng filming (put together with an engaging edit)

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