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Thread: Syncing video to audio at specific points in the same clip in CS5 please? Thanks

  1. Default Syncing video to audio at specific points in the same clip in CS5 please? Thanks

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reading... So... if I have a clip in premiere, say a time lapse of a landscape and i want to sync it to music and there are some occurrences in the clip I would like to sync to the beat... Say I sink the first occurrence but then next occurrence does not quite fall on a beat. Can I anchor the first occurrence to where it sits with the audio and then 'stretch the next part of the clip slightly so that the next occurrence will fall on a beat? Basically increasing and decreasing the speed within the same clip to make certain parts sync with audio...?

    Thank you....

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    The easiest way would be to split your clip at the first position where the audio and video line up, then play with the speed of the new clip (the one on the right hand side of the first poistion) until the audio and video line up again, then split again and play with the speed of the new clip again. Note that slowing down a clip below the frame rate of your capture will cause CS5 to reduce the quality a bit.

    You can accomplish the same thing with clip markers but if you haven't done the tutorials I can't explain it here.

    Personally, I'd be more inclined to snip out parts of the video until things line up (rather than speeding it up and slowing it down).


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    Awesome, thanks buddy

    Say, don't suppose you know (i'm thinking you might because of your mention of quality...). I work a lot with time lapse and produce them in adobe lightroom and then bring the resulting mp4s into premiere... I generally always work in projects that are 25fps... I've just noticed however that when i export 1080p time lapses in lightroom, it overrides my selection of 25fps and produces them at 29.97fps (only allowing 25fps at 720p). Does it matter extensively that I am using some 29.97fps footage in a 25fps project?

    Sorry, I know this isn't anything to do with my original question, just thought you might know. And thanks loads for your initial advice, I can crack on now

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    I am not familiar with lightroom however I believe your problem is likely due to lightroom "presets" rather than restrictions of the mp4 codec or some such.

    Is there a way to create your own presets or templates in lightroom, or possibly to modify an existing template? Basically I think you need to create yourself a new preset or template (not sure about the terminology) that is 1080p at 25fps.

    With that said, "it doesn't matter extensively" that you are using 30fps footage in a 25fps project.


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    Place the music in the monitor & play the * key at every beat..this will leave a marker..then drag the music into your will find your clips will stick to the markers, perfectly synching with the beats.

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