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Thread: criticism required! (constructive preferred!)

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    Default criticism required! (constructive preferred!)

    Hey guys, as wedding season is around the corner I plan to try and get more work. So far I've had one under my belt. It turned out OK, could be better, could be much worse... I'm wondering what YOUR take is, so I can try and eliminate any issues for the next go around...

    My personal issues with this video are:

    -colour correction seems off, I think I'm going to pay for some online tutorials on the subject.
    -another camera is needed, even a go pro or something to be able to give me ANY other angle other than what I got with one camera - it was really limiting in post
    -although there are some creative elements to it, looking back i never "directed" them to do anything really substantial while shooting, something I'm assuming planning ahead will help with in the future
    -minor focus issues
    -minor gain issues
    -a fair amount of exposure issues (usually under-exposed)
    -cutting is fairly quick, which is what what the footage (and the length of the audio track) dictated.
    -i'd like to have more punch with my titles

    positive notes are greatly appreciated as well!!

    shot on canon xf300, edited in FCPX. this was shot and edited all be yours truly, my GF helped me carry some stuff around but it was mostly a one man show!

    thank you,

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    As you say the colour is a bit off along with the exposures but thats weddings (I used to do wedding photography). The key with with weddings is staying on top of the game, you know roughly when the important things are going to happen so having multiple cams (even a few GoPros) well placed will allow you to tell the story and give you edit options. I would try and shoot your next wedding as a high end documentary get some sound, focus on the narrative and shoot for the edit. I don't like video trying to look like a wedding album (but thats just me - so you decide ie watch the picture in pict layouts)

    Enjoy and grow good work!

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    I didn't like the edge blur of the PIPs so much. My very personal choice would have been to use clean (black) frames and let them slide in.

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    The XF300 is a great camera. If you pair it with a GoPro then you will instantly tell which is which because the XF300 is so sharp by comparison. No easy way around that, but having a second camera is so useful. In fact, we normally shoot weddings with 3, 4 or even 5 cameras so we can get all the different angles without having to move around.

    Colour is off, but is trivial to fix in FCPX, and I do mean trivial. It's absolutely worth learning the FCPX colour board because it is so powerful once you know your way around. Removing colour casts takes a couple of seconds. Adding vignettes and multiple colour / exposure windows also just a couple of click. Lots of free tutorials on this on the web. No excuse for poor colour any more!

    Sound is at least half of video. What I was missing on your video was the ambient sound in some places, the applause, clapping, people being happy. L & J cuts are indispensable in wedding videos. If you're not familiar with them, time to do some reading These are also trivial in FCPX.

    Shaky footage is a pet hate of mine, but I know that in some cases hand held is the only way to get some of this. however, FCPX has some great stabilisation built in, so try to use that more.

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    Not liking for lots of reasons, mostly because you film like I do, and I'm an amateur that wouldn't dare do a wedding video.

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    interesting, what do you mean by "you film like I do" ?

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