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    Hi people
    here i want to show you a short video a shoot during our holiday in Egypt were i had the chance to go snorkeling and diving at the Gorgonia beach House Reef and at Abu Ghusun.. Unfortunately only a GoPro Hero 3 was available for filming(Haven't got a diving house for my 550d) so the picture quality isn't that bad and also the colors were very bad out of the camera(a lot of green and not very sharp). I tried my best to color correct the video in DaVinci Resolve and to stabilize it in the warp stabilizer(Original footage was very shaky) but not everything went good(i don't like everything which normally isn't good but i had no other footage...)
    It would be nice if someone can give me some feedback or better some tips for color correcting underwater footage, because so i can learn for other diving video to correct them better(Than maybe also with my 550d if i can find a cheap underwater housing)

    Greetings Fabian
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    Looked beautiful to me. In general shaky sequences look smoother if you play them at lower speed but I think you already did that. Can you point us to any specific timestamp as I think you already had nice colors.

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    Thanks.. What do you mean with "timestamp"? The color-filter i added or the speed of the slowed down footage?
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    Just the time in the video where we find an example scene.

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    I think you did a good job with the colour correcting. The only tip I can give you is to take a white board with you and point the camera at it at different depths this can then be used in editing to find what white should be under the different conditions.

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    I thought this was a great video.

    I loved the music choice and the spot where the fish all slow down at the same time (it's amazing what fish will do!)

    I think you saw more vibrant colors with your eyes than on the video and this may be why you don't think that the camera captured things faithfully -- our brains are magical things and do some color correction of their own, especially in unusual circumstances.

    A white color card (or even a white diving slate) would be a good addition to your next dive.

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