Hi ppl
gr8 forum u guys have here

I do a bit of helmet cam filming with an AV wired (remote) cam and control the Sony HC42E with a LANC cable.

I have a problem with getting the 42E to to stay in VCR mode when ever it is powered off by the LANC remote.

Powering back up (from LANC or manually), the 42E goes straight into Camera-tape mode - & I want it to stay in VCR-tape mode so I can continue filming without the need to remove the 42E from the safety of my backpack and manually switch mode to VCR.

Anyone know of a setting ?
or do I have to get a screwdriver to the case & reverse engineer a switch ?
(the mode button to get to the VCR mode is a momentary toggle type that you 'rock' 3 times to bring up that mode - I believe previous sony's had a 3 position switch one of which was VCR)

Any help/advice would be appreciated