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Thread: Converting AVCHD video to smaller size

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    Question Converting AVCHD video to smaller size

    Inorder to burn them to single-layer DVDs I want to convert two 4.9GBAVCHD (friend's) camcorder videos to smaller (in GB) sized files withmaybe less high video but high audio quality, keeping the pictureheight&width (1440x1080) and, at best, using a freeware tool. Theoriginal files have extension .mts, a data rate of 7077kBit/s videoand 256kBit/s audio. I assume the future watchers of the videoscannot watch acvhd-formats. I do not have any software pre-installedexcept NTI Media Maker 8.

    Itried several tools that promised to be able to convert them to aformat like .wmv, .mkv, .avi, .mp4, .mpg, .vob ("=DVD format"?)to obtain smaller files, for example hamster, formatfactory, CUDAvideo converter, DVDVideoMedia Free HD Converter, Avidemux, VLC mediaplayer and others, but nowhere I managed to obtain a file withoutshuttering, a changed height&width, non-in-sync audio/videostart, ads in the resulting file or crashes

    Initiallymy plan was to create a nice DVD in a reasonable time effort whereone could select either of the two files, or possibly even chaptersinside them, the start of which I would want to determine myself.After lengthy unsuccessful attempts it seemed to me that it might notbe possible without advanced knowledge so I redefined my goals to asquickly as possible finish my minimum purpose to convey the video tocolleagues and burn a data DVD. Achieving the second task would be afurther project then...

    MyPC features Intel i3 M330 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 Home SP1, 64bit

    Ihope someone can provide me with a guided answer since my knowledgein formats is early stage... I guess a great answer would not onlyinclude a link to a working tool but also instructions if there isany possibility of easy mistakes...

    Thankyou very much!

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    AVCHD is about as compact as you can reasonably get and maintain the quality in HD.

    Now, a coupe of things,

    • Preserving audio quality on a DVD should be no problem

    • Sticking with 1440x1080 - well that's not a DVD! DVDs are standard definition, not high definition.

    So, what exactly do you want ?

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    Like David says 1440x1080 is not DVD. What are you planning on showing this video on?

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    You can get an AVCHD Converter from Brorsoft to compress its resolution from 1080p to 720p or other, downscale its bitrate can also reduce the video files.

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