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Thread: VHS - DVD and Tv tuner?

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    Default VHS - DVD and Tv tuner?


    Does anybody know of a product that can be used to capture my VHS tapes , edit them and output the finished edit to DVD, but also is a TV tuner too!

    Ive looked at some of the pinnacle prodects, but cant see one that allows both.

    any tips would be great,


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    It depends how sophisticated you want to be - but when I was capturing my VHS tapes, and had hooked up the VCR to the PC, I suddenly realised that I could use the tuner in the VCR to watch TV in Premiere's capture window... I imagine you're looking for something more sophisticated, though.
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    pick up an ati or huappuage tv tuner ($50-100). I'm currently borrowing a haup. wintv 2000 to capture video from an analog camcorder, so the same could be done with a vcr. but IMO, I'd use the composite connection to tranfer instead of coax, you should get better quality. but if you use pinnacle studio 9 software, BE SURE to update to the latest ver. 9.4.3 release

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