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Thread: Some kind of .mov file problem

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    Exclamation Some kind of .mov file problem

    Recently I noticed that some of my .mov files have interesting error on it.
    I upload one of them:
    You can see that error bottom of the screen.
    Does anybody know what was that?

    I was filming with canon 6d. This is like second time and saddly that I saw that only after I already have formated my sd card.
    When I noticed it in first time, all files have some problems, some of them even crash the sound. Then I restored all camera setting, updated firmware... Shoot couple of events and it is back again!
    I use different sd cards.
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    It is what it looks like, data corruption. This could be caused by a number of things. Is it on the camera or just after you transferred it to your computer ? How old is your SD card, they don't last for ever. Is the card fast enough and good quality?

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    Definitely data corruption, usually caused by a failing card, but occasionally a reader problem too. Try copying the file from the card again (if you still have it) and see if the problem remains. If it does (or continues to happen with that card) I'd absolutely be replacing the card. Some manufacturers have lifetime warranties now too.

    This is one reason I make two copies of every card using different readers and different computers if I know I have to format and reuse a card again before I've had chase to edit the footage, and even with 768GB of cards that still sometimes happens!

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    The card which made these error in first time is like a year old.

    But there couldn't be any damage because of camera?

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    I doubt the camera can damage the card, nor the card damage the camera.

    How old the card is, or how many times it's been used is not always a good guide as to how a card will perform in the future.

    Flash can typically be re-written 100,000 times, but that's an average. Some will go many hundreds of thousands and some will fail after just a few writes.

    It only takes 1 bit in a single byte to cause that type of corruption.

    I would find a way of testing the integrity of the card. It's possible the corruption occurred in the data prior to writing to the card, or it could have happened in the card, or when copying it to the computer, or in the computer itself. Don't become too paranoid. Take things methodically.

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