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Thread: I need your opinion (Lyric Videos)

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    Default I need your opinion (Lyric Videos)

    Hi everyone! I would like to give me your opinion about my videos. In these videos I shape the lyrics with a personal touch. If you like this kind of music, you know, click to play and enjoy. And If you want, you can vote and coment my videos on Youtube. Greetings!

    LAST VIDEO Armin van Buuren feat. Cindy Alma - Beautiful Life

    Lolita Jolie - I Wanna Dance With You

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    Definetly better than a lot of stuff I see most of the time. Anyway although the effects did fit the separate sections for themselves they did not harmonize as a whole video. To me it seems more like a randomly concatenated sequence of audio visualization effects. I think you simply overdid it concerning the amount of different effects.

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    Thanks, your opinion is very important to me. I show you my first videos so you can compare with recent.

    Avicii - Wake Me Up

    Krewella - Alive

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    I couldn't watch the second one because you have some copyright issues with it but when I take the first one as comparison I like the newer ones better.

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    Yes, some videos can't be visualized on mobile for copyright issues. For example, this video can be seen only in computer.

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    Once again this looked just like a concatenation of random effects for me. Use less effects, look which transition well into each other and try to use a consistent color scheme.

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    New video! Top of the page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Óscar GC View Post
    New video! Top of the page
    This is NOT the way this section of the forum works. We request ONE video per thread for the simple reason that it makes it clear what video is being discussed.
    If, for example, I say "It thought it was too contrasty" you would not know which video I was talking about.
    Changing the order of the videos (ie adding the latest one to the first thread) only compounds this.

    Now, please sort out your posts. One video per thread.

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    Very loud . . . what levels are you working to? Isn't there a danger of knocking on 0dB?

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    I love anything AVB so my opinion doesn't count here

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