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Thread: Video Lines Old VHS Tape Any Suggestions On How To Fix?

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    Default Video Lines Old VHS Tape Any Suggestions On How To Fix?

    I'm capturing some old VHS stuff and don't have the original camcorder tape for this particular footage. All I have is the VHS copy. Unfortunately, some lines appear on most of the footage. I have included an image below. I have tried basic deinterlacing but it seems this isn't the problem.

    See a brief clip on youtube here:

    I should add that I am using easycap hooked up to the VCR then plugged into USB. And also I have captured a few other old tapes using the same set up which have captured fine. There is something wrong with the actual tape I think, but am hoping there is a digital fix!

    Any suggestions welcome. There is about 10 mins of footage, so workable if there was some kind of stabilising solution.

    Many Thanks

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    I think a professional might have options to do something on recording. I don't know of an existing solution in post editing. It would have to be a filter operation which works on multiple frames at a time.

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    I don't know of a digital fix for this problem. One thing to try is winding the tape all the way forward and then all the way back. Also make sure the tape head is clean.

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    I could be wrong here, but it looks like it's capturing interlaced footage with the wrong field order. I've seen this before and the fix was to swap the field order and convert to progressive. Worth a try, though if that's not the problem it could actually get worse!

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