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Thread: A few questions about how to organize wedding video editing

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    I need advice...
    I am not new to video editing but I am new to editing wedding videos...

    I am doing my editing in adobe premiere pro cs 5.5. The footage is done by 2 DSLR cameras which are not synchronized (no clapper). Problem is that I have hundreds of clips which are organized only by the name of the guy who shot them... So I have 2 folders, lets say John & Jim and subfolders with names 1,2,3,4,5 for each memory card they filled...

    What is the best way to go here?

    Right now I am doing it by raw cutting the first camera footage, then synchronizing visually if I find same material from different angle on second camera... the rest from the second camera I am raw cutting as a b role... The boring part is finding the same clips on the second camera
    I made the second sequence in which I copy the best moments so I can get the best moments video at the end...
    I hope you get the question, sorry for my english...

    Thank you very much...

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    First question…. do the DSLRs have timecode (the 5D3 does, 5D2 not),or can you see the time of day the clips were shot? We frequently sort by time of day to find clips shot on different cameras at the same time, and the same for audio clips. Of course this means taking 5 minutes out at the start of the day to make sure everything has roughly the same time set but it's very worth it in the long run.

    Next, I would scrap the two folders idea. I would create bins in Premiere Pro per 'event' within the day, so 'bride prep', 'groom prep', 'pre-ceremony', 'ceremony', 'reception' etc etc. Sort the clips from each camera in to the appropriate bin because it makes it much easier to find those second clips when you need them. You're looking through 10 or 20 clips instead of 200-400 clips.

    Next, depending on how you shoot the ceremony & speeches, I use multi cam every time, even if we just have two cameras. It takes a little time to sync (have you tried plural eyes?) but means you can see both cameras at the same time and don't make bad edit decisions based solely on one camera.

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    wow, Plural Eyes did it for me... I made raw cuts of catering and church today using multicam... Thank you sooooooooooooooo much...

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    Just a little question about multi cam monitor... Is it possible to switch automatically to camera which is rolling... If I click the clip and it ends while it is selected, premiere continues to record blank clip until I click to go back to the camera which is roling... Maybe I am asking too much, but is it possible for premiere to automatically return to rolling camera in this case...

    Thank you very much...

    david, you are a lifesaver

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    There is no auto switch.

    There are a couple of different ways of using multi cam in PP5.5.

    1) Live mode - Mouse
    This is where you set things playing (effectively recording your angle switches) and click away as you want to switch from angle to angle. Then you go back and adjust your edit points after you're done. When you press stop the angle always switches BACK to the angle you started from. Most people consider this a bug, Adobe said not. I call it a bug as no other software did it.

    2) Live mode - Keyboard
    Operates in exactly the same way but you use the shortcut keys 1,2,3,4 to select your views.

    3) Non live mode - mouse or keyboard (I used the keyboard)
    This is the mode I prefer to use for a couple of reasons. I press play to watch the multi cam windows. When I want to change angle I hit space again to STOP. Using the cursor keys I adjust to the exact frame I want to cut if required, then press 1,2,3 or 4 to switch to the next angle I want. Then hit space to play more and repeat until done.

    While this method is slightly slower the doing it live it does have three advantages.

    The first is the angle doesn't keep changing on you when you stop.

    The second is that all your edit points are already fine tuned so you don't have to go back through it all again looking for where you may have screwed up.

    The third is that when recording live events without a central controller tell the cameras what to do, you find you just made a cut to a camera and then it moves or wobbles, so now all you have to do is hit undo to undo just the last cut and you're back to angle you just came from and don't have to go fix it all later.

    In the end, you can pick which ever one suits you best. There is no right or wrong way, it's all personal preference.

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