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Thread: Where to start video editing?

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    Default Where to start video editing?

    Hello everyone, i'm new here. Today i wanted to take a break from programming and do some film editing, i'm using Sony Vegas pro 12 it might not be the 'most preferable' software for beginners but i do have a little experience in video editing so i'm pretty comfortable working with it, what i need is some raw footages to practice editing, do you have any idea where i could find any? thank you for reading.

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    Why not go out and film some animals in the park (e.g. with your mobile phone).

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    I have a few of MP4 files here. Anyone is free to download, re-edit/re-use.

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    You can download YouTube videos that are marked as creative commons licence, this can be found at the bottom of the "about" section where the description is.

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    As you are a beginner then you have to start learning from basic. Have a look to this article that I found on this platform. Definitely it will help you out to clear your fundamentals for video editing.

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    i dont know much about Vegas but if it is like Premiere Pro you should really do the tutorials as you will progress much faster

    as far as footage, you should get out there as XXLRay suggested above

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    Visit Sony Creative website as this has Tutorials on Vegas Pro . . . also on YouTube, but not always top content.

    Don't you have any friends with camcorders? -or a stills digital camera should have video-mode.

    Unfortunately this means you are learning How to shoot and How to Edit . . . not ideal, so TimAndrews offer look good, esp as the weather is poor right now.

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