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Thread: New to editing! Help! Making minute long videos for my New YouTube Channel.

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    Default New to editing! Help! Making minute long videos for my New YouTube Channel.

    I am glad I found this forum with all of you guys, who are much more professional than me. I would love your advise on how to edit Sketch Comedy to make my videos for my Very New Channel more entertaining and funny. I am pretty happy with it as is, but there is always room to grow.
    Here is the link to my channel IN YOUR FACE

    And please the more negative feedback - the happier me.

    Thank you for your time,
    Sibylla Mirage

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    I don't think I can advise you with any about your video. It is what it is, a quintessential YouTube video, for a YouTube audience. So as you have made them they seem perfect to me.

    If you are after ideas for new episodes just look at the news every day it's full of comedy.

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    Thanks. I have plenty of ideas and 2 amazing writers, so I'm good on that. My videos also have a good format.
    Just was thinking maybe make them more advanced like Ray William Johnsosn's videos , you know. Just because I am to do a press release for my channel, I would like to make sure it looks legit enough for ppl to follow me.

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    Editing wise you might find little suggestions here, as there are no obvious "flaws" to point out. As Midnight mentioned, it is already very familiar in style for everyone who has spent some time on Youtube. It flows ok, doesn't get interrupted and the "in your face" logo/theme is definitely short enough not to annoy people. When it comes to these bit more vlog style comedy bits, things are usually somewhat unedited (maybe all taken in one shot, no changes in zoom, selfie like way of shooting etc), so in a sense you're already ahead of the usual way of starting something like this.

    I think I know what you mean by mentioning Ray William Johnson, but in the end his videos are much more about his persona than the editing. What his editing department seems to do is add some text inserts mocking him, few cool transitions(tm) and repeat some funny parts of the videos he is reviewing. Thus I'd suggest you keep working on your material and worry bit less about editing. People here tend to have more knowledge if you have a particular effect in mind that you wish to know more of.

    (I really would have liked to provide negative feedback when someone spesifically asks for it, you'll have to do with this for now)

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    I realise you are looking for ways to improve. Sadly, I know little of this style of clip; but here are some suggestions, which may or may not be of any help.
    The phone call at 0:29. If one 'person' is facing the left, I expected the 2nd person 'sean' to appear to be facing the right. (I am sure there is a better technical description related to 'crossing the line'?). And why does 'sean' lift the mask at 0:35?
    I like the voice quality, but suspect this type of accent can sound abrupt to some UK audiences. I accept the voice is not deep, but I would like to hear a wider range when inflecting.
    I tend to think that the biggest objects in a scene are the more important. The shot at 0:49 loses alot of impact because we can't properly see the face. And the legs take up 5 times more screen space.
    I am not sure what the point was to include clips from the GoldenGirls. Indeed, I have no idea what they were talking about in the opening scene.

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    I made a point of noting your channel a few days ago, and have just been through your 8 videos.

    I like the editing, your editor is very good, they must spend 4-5 hours creating the one minute of action.

    I love the colourful nature of it, and short intros are a blessing, it is all straight to the point.

    At the end of the day, I don't really care about what you are saying, I get the humour but it has little relevance to me.

    Put it this way, if you were a fat guy eating chips whilst you were spouting this stuff, I would not bother returning. But because you flaunt your sexuality in the teenager bedroom way, I want to come back, and I guess you know this. Keeping it short and snappy is also a very clever way of engaging those like me that would normally switch off, but you understand the fast track.

    That tells me the content is irrelevant, but we know sex sells, and I'm sure this is a winning project. I am sure you are an intelligent person with an intelligent team behind you, and you know exactly what you are doing, and I can't knock anyone that creates something fresh and understands their market, they are usually the people that make millions.

    I enjoyed it, good luck to you
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    I got the impression the YL was wanting to become a more-serious film-maker, or teller of stories, perhaps.
    As others have said the material already meets the need for majority YT viewers. It looks pretty-polished of its Genre.
    However, if YL thinks her men-friends are so dumb, - perhaps she's attracting the wrong sort???.

    It would be nice to see a short video filmed outdoors, perhaps telling a simple story . . . that could tax her Writers...
    OR for a quick Film, how about an Ad. for an "invented" product? -
    Telling a Story in 30 Sec isn't easy.

    Good luck.
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    Tim, thank You very much. I really appreciate your objective comments. I do agree with some of them and I have already forwarded your message to my writer, director, and editor for their professional help and evaluation. So, again -- great points there. Golden Girls clips in the beginning won't make sense till you watch them in the end explaining the subliminal message I mentioned in the segment.. Thank you for your time.
    Also I have a new video I posted today, since you are this good, do you mind taking a look? Thank you
    PS ppl who dont dig my accent should be killed
    Stripe -- stop it, I am blushing. You make me feel too good. Next!
    vidmanners, thank you for your opinion, again I value all of them a lot. I have thought about the outdoors and changing locations, but I would like to make it strictly bedroom style. Although, I do have some actors and comedians who will be filming some of my segments with me. The segments will be short films with lots of character and action, Still taking place from my bed. One of the segments that I am filming is called - How to Get a Homeless Guy I Slept With Last Night out of My House.. Andy Milonakis is the guy to come act as a homeless guy. The segment is 1.5 min and all it is about is scenarios of how I get him out after I wake up and discover him sleeping face to the wall next to me...

    Please share your thoughts. Thank you again! <3
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