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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 12 Animated Overlays

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 12 Animated Overlays

    I'm not really sure if "animated overlays" is the correct term here, which is why I'm posting this thread in hope of some clarification. I'd like to download a preset pack of these animated border/effects, where applying them is as simple as inserting the video and some title text into the template, and the result looks something like this.

    Is there a specific name for templates like the sparkling, rotating purple lens effect in the video above, and where could I find downloadable packs of such templates?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question; I usually only use SV for extremely basic things like slicing or connecting videos, so I'm a complete beginner at this stuff.

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    I don't think there is a generic or particular name for such an effect except the name the maker gave it. You could try Googleing "Sony Vegas templates" as there are a few people who make them but that won't guarantee this exact one.

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