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Thread: Using the "volume" line in Movie Studio v10

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    Default Using the "volume" line in Movie Studio v10

    I use SVMSv10 for most of my Edits and this includes tweaking the audio-levels. Whilst this can be done crudely using the track-sliders and the individual clips' "Gain". It is rarely useful where dialogue is recorded, say with more than one person.
    This means that the "rubber-banding" (Sony= Volume), =where points are made to create changes in levels and can be slid-about to overcome excessive high audio, or where a boost is needed.

    When Editing, I do find I may need to cut clips after the above level adjusts are in place. The snag appears to be that the "volume" points are not anchored to the clip, so when I cut, the volume points are out of place. This means a lengthy rejigging of the whole track and all the volume-points....Arrgh!

    Is there a way to overcome this rather inconvenient feature? It's possible I'm not using this feature correctly, but as it works in other respects, I'm supposing this is a "feature".

    If I had the software designer's pencil, I'd make an anchor that attached itself to each clip, so even deleting a clip would not affect those levels set on the neighbouring clips.
    Without this, the "volume" feature appears to be somewhat clunky - what do other do to eliminate this problem?

    However, if I was given a "wish" then I'd have a magic line that allowed one to apply AGC to audio-clips such that the passages could be varied so as to be even-volume (whatever the recorded level) - or so as to make the variations even more extreme - but the more interesting ability might be to swing a clips' (audio)properties between these extremes - perhaps being identified by a colour change.

    I don't find "Normalise" really does it for me, esp. with two speakers where one is mumbling/shouting
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    From VMSP 10 Help
    From the Options menu, choose Lock Envelopes to Events, if you want envelope points and position to move with an event when it is moved along the timeline.
    Btw, a "clip" is an event on timeline.

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    As vkmast has said, not only is the option you want already present, but you have the option so you can have your cake and eat it.

    As for your desire for an AGC effect, Vegas Movie Studio allows you to use VST plugins and it appears there are some AGC plug-ins available. So you actually have a choice of AGC effects!

    Why you would want one, though I'm not so sure. I'd think you might be better off using compression and EQ.

    However if you want an automatic program which will level the audio (it was designed originally to balance out mismatches between interviewer and interviewee in podcasts, I believe) you won't do much better than "Levelator" by "The Conversion network". It's not a plug in - you'll need to feed it your audio file, but it does a great job and it's free.

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