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Thread: Not a Artform.

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    Default Not a Artform.

    I curious about your opinions. I'm having a debate at work with a co-worker saying. Using a program such as Photoshop, Premiere, or After Effects. Is not an artform, that its nothing more then mathematical functions. I explain in my opinion the choices you choose to pick and what you apply is an artform.
    Everyone has techinques and the overall product is always different.

    Anyone recommend any good guides to AfterEffects?

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    If it allows creativity to shine then, as far as I'm concerned, it is an art form!

    As to After Effects I can recommend the Trish and Chris Meyer books. Also, there are many many good tutorials over at the creative cow.

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    OK... Tell your co-worker:

    Painting isn't an artform, it's just a method of using a tool to apply coloured substances to a canvas sheet.

    Sculpture isn't an artform, it's just a method of using a tool to remove chunks of stone from a large block.

    Suspending a sheep in formaldehyde isn't art. It just isn't.

    "But Hirst is a visionary, it's bold, it's brash, just what is he trying to say?"
    "He's trying to say he can't paint, that's what".

    Anyway, Photoshop is just another method of art creation, using a mouse or stylus instead of a brush, and a screen instead of canvas.

    Or alternatively, launch a frenzied screaming attack on your colleague with a length of 2" x 4" until they shut up.

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    No luck on the co-worker front.
    Unfortunately I don't have my camera or you would see a bloody corpse and a 2x4.

    Thanks for the books.

    I have some lighting issue in one of my scenes where a person walks around turning on lights. They bleech everything out for sec before camera can adjust.
    Should I reshooting the couple scenes or try fixing post production?

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    you really wanna be using manual wb and aperture controls when you're filming, shirley?
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    Problem is I wanted to go with best camera for my budget. I bought new with warranty since I was doing a movie. Already replaced it once now.

    So I'm now stuck with ZR300 Canon which decent point and shoot camera.
    Ive already out grown it though. The manual controls are severely lackling.

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    Default theres always one person who doesnt get it

    in some ways your co-worker is right but when using editing tools such as adobe products, its takes so much more then capture, edit and export to video tape, with pro tools it takes weeks or months to actually grasp the function in your favor and come out with a masterpeice, i doubt your co-woker could make the next starwars or toystory blockbuster but yet he wants to challenge you and talk about how it isnt art and its not hard to do. lol i say shame shame shame on him :!:
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