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Thread: My new film

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    Default My new film

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to post a cheeky link to my crowdfunding campaign that has launched tonight for my new short film 'Soror.'

    Soror is a short visual drama about 3 women trying to find their place in the world (see the vid for more details). Building on the success of my last short Driftwood which won a 'Coup de Coeur' at Cannes Film Festival this year, we really want to take Soror to the next level, making an original, affecting film.

    Please help any way you can - we will only be able to make this film if we hit our target. We have associate and executive producer credits up for grabs! Really humbled that we've already had a couple of backers!

    The whole team are incredibly passionate about telling this story and making the film happen.

    We also have a website which you can read more about the film and the team behind it:

    Thank you,

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    The response to the campaign has been amazing so far - I've been really blown away! Please spread the word:

    I thought I'd post a video talking about the dance element of the film and how will will use it to tell our story:

    We have also announced our first cast member - Sian Breckin (Tyrannosaur, Donkey Punch, C4's Dates, BBC 1's Truckers, Hollyoaks)

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    More castings for Soror: James Alexandrou (who played Martin Fowler in BBC 1's Eastenders) has joined the cast of the film. James is a superb actor so I feel incredibly happy to be working with him.

    Our crowdfunding page:
    Driftwood - Available on iTunes -

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    Interesting idea Jimmy. It's brave of you to enter this experimental territory, good luck with the project.

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    Thank you! Although there is a danger of heading into experimental territory, I'm trying to stay away from that side of things as much as possible - we're just trying to do something a little different . We've managed to land an amazing lead actress which we can't announce yet but dance rehearsals start next week for the performance side of the film - can't wait! I've aways wanted to shoot this kind of material. Driftwood was just the warm up!
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    Tried the link for the dance element thing, and it was a real pass the sick bag thing, half the film was someone bumbling about nothing, and then we got some still pics.

    But it all looks really professional, and I look forward to seeing something of this quality. I'm sure it's not totally arty farty - please say it isn't - bad impression from that clip I'm afraid :(

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    Thanks for the feedback - Always good receiving constructive criticism even when it's outside the user vid section of the forum.

    The 'dance element thing' video probably isn't the best video to see first as you will have no idea about the film or what we are trying to achieve. It is designed for people who have already funded us or have a genuine interest in the film. I was the person bumbling and I'll admit I don't like being on camera but unfortunately it's something that must be done if you want to raise funds properly. I can appreciate it does make me open for criticism from strangers though.

    As for the arty-farty comment, well I guess that depends on your definition of the word arty-farty.
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    Define arty-farty? A group of over privileged people with access to opportunity and equipment beyond most others. A group that self perpetuate themselves with blind positivity regardless of actual content or talent.

    I assure you I was not being critical. I take your point about not inviting critique. On a forum like this, where things can be impersonal, it's an advantage to speak openly. I deal with this arty world occasionally and see substandard work that is acceptable because they are part of such group. I also see hard working people receiving no recognition because they are not. I think it's called a class system.

    So I have no malice, I can see the quality of your work, even in that clip, and I really do look forward to the finished product. You have incredible talent lined up.

    I also see you have a sense of humour, and I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts on the things that I say. It is all part of my learning and understanding.

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    I hate those kind of films too, such as Lynn Ramsey's 'Swimmer' which won the BAFTA for short film last year - It's beautiful to look at but completely lacking any semblance of story, emotion or general content. However this is only my personal opinion and I can except that not everyone feels the same way. That's what makes creativity so exciting because there will always be someone who'll hate your work and (hopefully) someone who will praise it. I've been lucky enough to experience both.

    I know a number of filmmakers from all kinds of backgrounds that make good films regardless of the budget - I've had to really struggle to get where I am now and had to fight for every opportunity I've received. For the past 15 years I've been pursuing my dream of working in the film industry and it is really only the last 2 and a half years that I've made progress in the right direction. And I'm still learning every day. Yes, I don't earn quite as much as I did when I had a job in sales but the enjoyment it brings is priceless. I don't see myself as arty-farty but then again it's a label defined by somebody else's opinion. There is nothing I can do about that other than get on with my work and trying to do my own thing!

    Soror is quite a personal project for me that I've worked on for a few years now, so I do tend to get a little defensive of it! That's something I need to work on! The films plot (a story of half-siblings re-connecting) has also come true in my own personal life where I discovered I had a half-sister 2 weeks ago I didn't know existed. The timing is freaky, but exciting too. I'm now more passionate than ever to tell this story.

    I'm sure my wife would disagree with your humour comment but I'll gladly accept it!
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    I discovered I had a half-sister 2 weeks ago I didn't know existed
    F*** me that's spooky.

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