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Thread: Nero wont burn MPEG to VCD

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    Default Nero wont burn MPEG to VCD


    I'm new at this stuff. I have an Adobe Premiere 6.5 file which I want to burn as a VCD. I exported it via the Premiere MPEG encoder. When using Nero to make a VCD of this file I got an error message saying 'stream encoding which is invalid for VideoCD, no video, no audio'. The resolution and frame rates were correct.

    So I went back to Premiere and tried exporting for SVCD for which I understand it makes a MPEG2 file. Nero gave me the same error message.

    So I tried asking Nero to make a VCD from the Premiere .ppj file hoping Nero might encode it itself, and got the same error message.

    So I tried exporting the Premiere file as an .avi and Nero was quite happy to burn this format. Only problem was my Sony DVD player (which supports Super (VIdeo) CDs, would play the first frame and then get stuck.

    Something about the MPEG encoding is obviously offending Nero.

    Anyone know what the problem is here please? I use WindowsXP.


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    Could you run through the options you checked when outputing the MPEG in Premiere, and then the options chosen in Nero. If poss, do a screen print of the options and post or email them to me.

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    Got your emailed screen shots. I think you're problem is straightforward - I don't think you've included the MPEG file!

    You need to drop the MPEG1 file you created in Adobe into the window as below:

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    Do u have the needed plug-in for nero for it to be able to encode?
    Cos this can be a problem.. check it in ur nero folder

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    I think you're refering to SVCD (MPEG2) encoding. There was a licencing issue in more recent versions of Nero, which required a plugin to encode to SVCD - although you could still use files already encoded.

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    Firstly, Marc, glad you received my email. The MPEG file did not appear in the Nero window because Nero would not accept it. That's the whole point. Nero just gives me the error msg "Stream encoding is invalid for (super) Video CD, no video, no audio" when I attempt to drag and drop the MPEG-encoded file there to burn. Thanks for looking at it, though.

    Dima, I'm not sure where to look in Nero 5 for a plug-in but there is something called a Nero Toolkit which, in my case, has Nero CD Speed, Nero Drive Speed and Nero Info Tool. Perhaps the plug-in is something I can download from the internet? I guess it would look something like MPEG Encoder plug-in?

    Thanks guys. Hopefully we'll solve this in the end.


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    You can buy the plug-in from nero's website or you can get it off kazaa. What u looking for is in "C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero" and called something like MPGEnc.dll and DVDMPEG2Enc.dll
    On the net you can look for "SVCD plug-in for Nero"

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    I'll take a look at the screen shots again tonight - it's an issue with the way in which you're encoding the video in Premiere.

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    Sorry should have spotted this straight off. The video you're creating in Adobe Premiere is PAL. On the other hand, you're trting to make a NTSC VCD. (PAL is the video standard for Europe, NTSC for the US). So, to fix this, all you need to do is prompt NEro to make a PAL disc. (i've emailed the screen shot).

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    Hi Marc -
    Yes I'm trying to do PAL (I live in Australia) and as far as I can see Nero has chosen the PAL option itself. When I tell Nero I'm making a VCD the VideoCD tab that comes up has an area called Encoding Resolution and PAL is checked as the choice in it. Unfortunately I did not receive your screen shot you emailed me - is this the tab you are talking about?

    Hi Dima -
    Thanks. I'll check this out.

    Pant, pant.


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