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Thread: Looking for affordable software that can do this SEEMINGLY simple task

  1. Default Looking for affordable software that can do this SEEMINGLY simple task

    Hey, this is my first post here after getting the idea to FINALLY type "video editing forum" into Google after trying to figure out how to do this for days now....Basically, I want to give online guitar lessons, and I'm looking for video editing software that can do what's in this guy's video:

    - His video has his logo in the upper left side of the screen the entire time
    - It has chords that pop up every time he makes a chord change
    - It has the lyrics scrolling across the bottom
    - It's "interactive" in that it gives a link to subscribe in the upper right hand corner (but I'm pretty sure that can be done in YouTube)

    So, I understand that doing this should be a pretty simple task...You just download some video editing software, and you mess around with it for a little bit adding the saved images to the movie that you imported. It seems very simple, but I'm absolutely stumped as to how to do this! I'm pretty computer savvy too; I normally can figure things out pretty quickly, but I can't seem to figure this one out.

    I'd like to be able to spend less than $100 for the software if possible, as I know that Adobe Premiere is around $800 and Sony Vegas is around $600 or so.

    I mean, if I absolutely have to pay that much for software to do this task, I guess that's what I have to do. However, I'm fairly certain that there has to be a cheaper solution out there.

    So far I've tried:

    - Windows movie maker - does not allow me to do what I'm looking to do
    - Microsoft powerpoint - again, does not allow me to do what I'm looking to do
    - I attempted to download the free trial of Adobe After Effects, but something always goes wrong during the install and says "Error: Install was unsuccessful"...without giving any information
    - I downloaded Corel's free trial, and when I went to import my video (which is saved as a .MOV), it wouldn't even play...It didn't seem like it could even "handle" playing my simple video that I recorded
    - I downloaded Lightwork's free trial, and it seems like a very outdated program. I played around with it for a little bit, and I was not able to simply create these little popup images
    - I tried using YouTube's built-in video editing features, but it's not enough to do what I'm looking to do

    ...So after trying to figure this out for days now, I finally decided to ask for some help. Does anyone know how I would do this?


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    One of the Sony Movie Studio products (much cheaper than $100 - a stripped down but highly functional version of Vegas Pro) will easily look after the editing side for you.
    You are correct that the link is done in YouTube
    You will also need something to design the chord charts - doing that in Vegas would be very hard work (same would go for most NLEs (NLE = Non-Linear Editor = video editing software)
    I know you didn't ask this, but you wouldn't be able to replicate the opening titles in Vegas (ot at least without a lot more hard work and a graphics package.

    I know you didn't ask but - if you want to make a video as good as the one you linked to, this has got a rock steady camera, has been properly lit, and effort has been made to record the audio very well. It seems simple, but if you can produce something half as good as this on your first attempt you'll be doing a great job.

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    You can also try Magix Movie Edit Pro and some other popular video editors for consumers

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    Thanks for the leads guys! Much appreciated.

    I will look into those programs today. Also, I'm aware that I'm going to eventually need to figure out a way to get the proffessional quality audio and video as well, but first I gotta figure out how to just get those images to pop up on there.

    This is going to take some time for sure. Thanks though!

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    You could use the program "Guitar Chord Graphics". I wrote it. It is free.
    Simply select which frets/strings you want and the resulting image is automatically "copied" into Windows Clipboard, ready to be pasted into your own graphics software etc.

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    Ok, so I downloaded Sony Movie Studio's trial version. I have a source of where to get the chord charts, and I'm sure I can figure out a simple way to get the lyrics across the bottom like he did. However, it's getting the little .jpg images to "pop up" in the upper corner of my video (or wherever else in the video I want them to be that I can't figure out. It's not as simple as just inserting it on the timeline...I'm trying to figure out how to define where exactly on the video the image pops up. Any suggestions? Does this function have a specific name?


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    FINALLY!!! I found the answer in this video:

    Thanks for leading me to Sony Movie Maker!

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    I'm glad you found it! Getting started can be a bit difficult sometimes, but getting the right tools and a bit of help are a good start.

    I guess I'm a bit late with this tip, but of you decide to go for some other software that isn't too expensive - always check out Steam! They might not have everything, but if you're just starting or when you don't need much (yet), it's worth a look. They often have these voucher codes from on Voucherbox too, that can help you save a bit of money.

    I actually learned to play the guitar by looking at that kind of videos, by the way! I played the violin when I was younger and decided I wanted something else, so looked up a lot of info en videos on youtube and the likes.

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    Hey thanks for the suggestion. I'm on my 30-day trial with Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and I dig it so far. It does basically everything I need to do. I'm not trying to get too fancy. Here is my first video that I made with it so far:

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    Hey I think you did really good. I'm a crap guitar player myself, so this kind of level is actually invaluable, I have found most tutorials to be too advanced, but you kept it simple, you are pitching at my level.

    Just a note that you didn't explain the symbol for crossing the 2 strings during the 5th fret A chord.

    It's annoying enough that the top strings are called the bottom strings, but chord diagrams are also top to bottom, (portrait), whereas guitar is left to right (landscape). I will never understand what kind of dyslexic idiot designed guitar notation/string shit.

    But it means you have to take your guitar off, and stand it vertical, for us to follow the chord chart. Maybe it would be better to get chord charts that are landscaped?

    Maybe this would be a job for Tim to consider, because everything seems to be from some upside down viewer perspective when it should be from the learners perspective. It's really annoying and doesn't help the process of learning.
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