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Thread: Free Intro, Trailer, Soundtrack Music | no cost and free of charge

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    It was nice of him to pop in and answer our concerns, oh hang on, no, he just found his thread and threw his latest link up without reading our posts.


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    Hey Stripe,

    sorry for that... I just went thrue all the posts now... I did not notice this and to be honest I did not expected this at all.
    So how it is... I am allways check on the things I create before I publish anything. This track is so far away from the original piece, there is no concern in getting any copyright issues. I checked this officialy with the record company. I would not publish anything without the permission of its owner. 90% of my music is licensed under my name anyway. The rest is eigther checked or in public domain. So hopefully your concerns are solved. You can always use my sound without having any concerns about licensing and stuff. As long as you respect the use of my offer under the Creative Commons as well.

    Lino Rise

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    Thanks Lino, your tracks are on my soundcloud playlist, you play well my friend.

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    Hey Guys,

    I just uploaded a few new free Intro Sounds. Check out for free Download:
    The newest one includes a Demo Video of how it could looks like to use this sound...

    A lot of fun downloading, litening, and editing to you guys...

    Lino Rise

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    On the face of it, this is a great source of free music (subject to giving a Credit), but I do find it difficult to trial the tracks - the author's website is willing to sell a large collection, but it would be nice to select/play within genres.

    It's nice to have another source of quality( e.g. piano) music, to support the visuals.

    \On YouTube I found the tracks confusing as YT tends to mix-up media presumably to create a better user experience...or some similar rubbish. FWIW.

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    Thanks,will be checking it out in detail.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lino Rise View Post
    Hey guys,

    check out my new page! You will find hundreds of free music pieces.

    Lino Rise Free Music

    Lino Rise Free Intro Music

    - Free Intro and Trailer Music
    - Free Electronic Music
    - Free Soundtracks

    There is no cost or fee. you just can download what you like by using the CC-Licence.

    Check out my free intro music section as well.

    See you soon
    yours Lino Rise

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    New Intro Music, Intro Sounds and Intro Sound effects Online! Free for Download! ( free of charge )

    I just uploaded a few new Sounds on my pages... &

    I also uploaded new Intros / Animations on my YouTube Channel...
    Check this out on my YouTube Channel...

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    Royalty Free Music without charge!

    New Music online on

    Check this out...

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    Lino, I thought you might like to know a piece I made using one of your pieces has just made over 1/2 a million views on YouTube. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Lino, I thought you might like to know a piece I made using one of your pieces has just made over 1/2 a million views on YouTube. Thanks.
    Hey Midnight Blue... this is an awesome info! Could you send me a link or post it here in the group, would love to see this... Cheers a lot buddy!

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