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    Exclamation Review on video

    Hi there all,
    I would love to have your review on this particular video:

    There are mistakes, I know. But please help me enriching my philosophy.


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    The main thing is it gets the information across so that's a good starting point. However ...
    The opening and closing shots are rather odd. You are looking down on the student and also look a bit like a rabbit trapped in headlights.
    In these shots as well as throughout, you keep glancing to your right (screen left). this looks a little shifty or as if you are looking for approveal. in other words it does not give the impression you are 100% convinced in what you are saying (although i'm sure you are).
    I'm in two minds about the "scrappy" handwritten notes on the whiteboard. On the one hand this adds a personal touch and a feeling of informality ... on the other hand it does not give the impression that this is good, solid, professional advice.
    I do like the fact you appear throughout addressing your audience. this does make it more personal and therefor more meaningful for your students.
    I absolutely hated the "and now I'm going to start with the second half ..." this is totally superfluous (unless you've had an ad break!).
    Obviously you have to cover the fact there's a cut (I'd suggest a cutaway shot of something - college logo perhaps - or even a transition - zoom right into the board an dthen out again on the new shot) not to pretend there hasn't been a cut, but just to make it smoother. Then acknowledge the new set of notes with something musch shorter, like "Moving on ...."
    The audio was OK - at least we could hear you and there was not too much room noise - although there was quite a bit of hiss. This may be down to equipment missmatches or just poor quality equipment. It may be possible to reduce some of this hiss in post.
    Well done for recognising you needed to light the matter but (1) it was a tad over exposed (2) you looked a bit "yellow" (3) most importantly - those shadows! Horrible and (more importantly) distracting.
    It looks to me you had a couple of lights lighting from below to compensate for the main light coming from above. I think you need to move away from the board and move the two lower lights right and left. This will soften the edges of your shadow. Better would be to get some light on the board to eliminate your shadow as this will not hive you problems with you being in focus and the bour being out of focus.

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    Tim has coved most of the points which need attention. The other couple of things are two watch the framing in the beginning and end points. Use a simple fade to black for the parts between the two sections.

    What the hell were you looking at to your right/screen left ? was it your notes ? a monitor ? very distracting as Tim said. Get out of the habit of doing this and it will make you look more confident with what you are doing.

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    In general the content was quite well presented.
    Head cut off in intro and outro
    Writing on the board could have looked nicer especially as you didn't write on the fly.
    The line on the left is a bit distracting as it is not parallel to the video borders.
    Some animations would have been cool (but not mandatory)
    Audio was fine so far.

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    Ideally, after watching the video once; a student would remember and be able to recite back the 10 steps. I suggest finding a few volunteers and asking them (3 mins later) how many of the points they remembered.
    I don't think the hand written text on the whiteboard is useful. And, I suspect it makes your lighting problems more difficult.
    I would prefer graphics text (animated or not). I have experienced several varieties of whiteboards, blackboards and powerpoint. I know nothing about teaching, but there must be a better way to put across vital words or phrases.

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    Most points already addressed are 100%
    Text- yes so I wonder if including generated text might be better. Either like you are "looking-through" a glass wall, or by using a sheet of green (as in adding chroma-keyed Text later. This would allow you to have the list dropped maybe 20% with the current point at 100%.. You might add a tiny amount of blur to the non-current points.
    Not sure if future points should be shown at all - if the last point is the "current point" that may help concentration.... I found myself watching your performance rather that taking note of what you were saying . . . . but that's me, not a Student.

    BTW do student really raid a Thesaurus? Not knowing what they are talking about is spot-on the World-over for teenagers I guess.

    The pale text on whiteboard is not easy to see - something that never happens with a blackboard - Why did we change?

    Finally, a bit cheaky really, shouldn't good tips include develop neat handwriting?
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