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Thread: Stunt Kite Video FX (kite name)

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    Default Stunt Kite Video FX (kite name)

    My third try, any ideas for next one special effects wise? You folks were a great help!
    Life from an Inverted Prespective

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    Very nice. I'd be inclined to use some parts as cutaways within other videos, especially with music changing tempo. Special effects? I dunno, some of it looked quite surreal on its own.

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    Thank you, I've learned quite a bit the short time I've been here. Incredible database of info & very video orientated forum folks. I'm bit new at this migrating from graphics (sign type graphics using Flexisign 7) so I want to learn from those w/much more experience than myself.

    How do you do cut-aways?
    Life from an Inverted Prespective

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