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Thread: First Time Wedding Videographer - # of Cameras?

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    Default First Time Wedding Videographer

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    I understand your anxiety . . . Trying to use 3 cams won't work, you'll just drive yourself crazy. Try to borrow a reasonable cam (not any old video camera) for the locked off shots as your dslr can still be synched into these if you need to for close ups etc. Your dslr will only miss a few frames, so synching every 10 minutes of the ceremony/speeches wont be too much of a headache.
    Don't try for both B&G, just go for the bride or you'll be a headless chicken. Anticipation is King so try to spot what is likely to happen next. Obvious stuff i.e. Bride and Father waiting outside? - cue you to be at the alter end of the aisle - Ceremony finishing? cue you to be at the other end of the aisle to film their exit - (From the floor shots are a nice angle on this one)
    Your biggest obstacle is gonna be the tog, who, despite any careful planning you may make, will obviously have his own plans so just track their moves and try to pinch the b&g if you need some artistic stuff.
    One more thing - Sound!! Ideally a radio mic for ceremony and speeches, or if desperate, get your main cam close enough to pick up something half decent.
    p.s. rip up your shot list as the day will move 10 times quicker than you'll ever anticipate - Good luck!!
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    Look for tutorials on "essential positions / shots to film a wedding".

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    We use two videographers, each with one DSLR. Our day looks like this: Camera 1 - Bridal prep. Camera 2 - Groom prep then shots of empty church or venue prior to ceremony for lock-offs and slider shots. Camera 1 joins 2 at the ceremony venue and 1 sets up on a tripod to right of altar/vows spot. 2 covers bride arriving in carriage, rolls, whatever. 2 covers processional from back of church/venue then gets on tripod to left of altar. During this time, 1 shoots processional on a monopod down the center aisle from front center with a 70-200 telephoto. Two can swing off the couple briefly a few times to get some cutaways of attendees in the chairs/pews. Finally both cameras on tripods, one on each side shooting the wedding couple from 45 degrees. You have time to reposition after ceremony and capture signing and then the recessional.

    Hope this helps!


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