Hi everybody,

I am searching the web since a month to find the best suitable software for making pan&zoom effects into still image videos. Perhaps a specialist here around could help me? Thank you in advance!

My special problem is that I would like to do art videos showing images of art works, where the camera is moving along complicated paths ("bezier curves") over the art work, showing just details of the work, or zooming out, etc. Also, the speed of the panning or zooming should be easily changeable.

So I am searching for a software that would be able to:
* let me define any free path line for the panning movement over the still image of the artwork
* let me change the speed of the pan/zoom effect
* need to work in windows, not mac (final cut excluded...)

I would like to find a software that costs around 2-300 that does this...
Could you recommend something to me?
Thanks a lot!

What I found until now:

I found some elements of pan&zoom in Sony Vegas and Sony Movie Studio Platinum, but I read in a forum that the soft does not show the path of the panning movement (it was taken out since version 4!).

Adobe Flash:
Also, I read that Flash would be a perfect option. But for Flash I do not like that it is limited to graphic work, and I would prefer to have this features in a video editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements
Also, I read that there is someting that could be similar in Adobe Premiere Pro (that is too expensive for me, and it is not clear if it's what I need, it is called "keyframe interpolation"). I do not know if Premiere Elements would do something similar.