Hey, guys!

We have an IndieGoGo campaign currently running for an artist who set the world record for longest freestyler rap (at 13 hours straight). He also has won a contest which almost 2,000 other rappers also were entered in- more details are in the link below, but basically what we've done is shot a "trailer" as the indiegogo video, acting as a prelude to the album.

If we are able to raise the funds, the goal is to construct a series of concept-heavy videos that all connect to each other, turning the music album into an actual film. He has a wide fan base, but we need all the help we can get to reach our goal in time.

This is something that's never been done to the level we're trying to do it, and could potentially be the project to get him to the next level- with several labels and management companies already eyeing him.

Campaign Link:


Video Production Company Vimeo:

Please help us reach our goal and put this into motion!
Appreciate any feedback as well
Thank you!