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Thread: The AR/T Drone - Open Studio promo video

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    Default The AR/T Drone - Open Studio promo video

    Hey folks

    Our first dedicated Drone video which is based on a building full of artists that closes down for the night , our drone is accidently left switched on and after closing hours it investigates all the artists studios
    combining stop motion, 3D animation, 3D mapping and some obvious effects
    This is a very new type of video for us... first of it's kind in our project portfolio.


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    Nice idea.

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    Thanks, this video had a lot of first's for us dabbling in effects we've never done before so I'm really happy with the result... considering how short a deadline we had it was a mircale we got it done at all!

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    I liked it alot, and left me wanting to see some more. I liked the continual (but not overdone) barrage of effects and their unexpected occurrences. I suspect viewers will get different perceptions depending on whether or not they know the 'story' beforehand.
    Without knowing it was an art complex, it looks odd to have an office block with so many rooms containing graphics. I also sense issues with the actual (the real) camera shots, but I am neither an expert on lighting or camera angles.
    Good stuff. Indeed, I might even say that was quite cool. And even now, several minites later, some of the images are still clear in my memory.

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    Great video

    I didn't buy the dinosaur at the end

    Why did the drone keep bumping into everything?

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    It's hard to read the all important yellow lettering on the sign at the beginning. This is important as it will orientate the viewer to what the building is. I found the shot at 0:36 a bit odd because the lights were out after seeing the drone in a corridor with the lights on. Then it touched the door an the lights came on ! It's a shame the drone was torched at the end.

    I liked the idea and I thought most of the effects worked well. The only thing that concerns me is, if people are paying for this, the over all image quality needs to be better. I don't know if that means shooting with better codecs on an external recorder or what the solution to this is. May be you could up your game with lighting and focus as the lighting seemed to be just using what was there in the building and the focus was soft on a lot of shots.

    I know it seems like I'm on a downer with this but I did like the idea a lot and understand that it is very different from your usual stuff.

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    I liked this a lot.

    I agree though, with Midnight about the image quality, I think it could have been much better.

    However, that's the only negative for me. The content was interesting and captured my attention and kept it. I thought the animations were really well done and I really like the idea of a machine "exploring" the space.

    Much, much better than your previous stuff.

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    Can't add much to the previous comments. I thought it was just the right length and kept the interest through displaying a variety of skills and crafts in an engaging fashion.

    My only thought was that as a publicity video, the corridors which seemed to have plasterboard but no plater did not seem a very inviting environment.

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    Nice idea indeed! The visitors will have access to this area or will it happen in a gallery? The same video in a more artistic environment would look better maybe? Nice animations!

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    Thanks guys for your compliments and critism.

    I was shooting with a Nikon D5200, however we also have a Panasonic HDC - HS900 and a canon 600d

    the letters on the front of the building are difficult to make out on purpose as the building had changed name and the clients did not want the previous name in the video at all.
    I would agree with quality... something does seem to be lacking.
    Lighting was all building lights, we only have one peice of equipment that is lighting source and it's very very basic. We do need to invest in some lighting equipment soon.

    The difference of some lights being off and on is actually the buildings automated lighting sensors which detect any movement (drone or otherwise) and switch on the lights. although some don't work that well lol.

    Visitors have full access to these studios and a gallery ontop. It is of course an open studio event rather than an exhibition gallery event.

    I agree Tim, the building is fairly new to these types of tennants and is under refurbishment so some parts do look quite run down. Other parts look really nice lol.

    Thanks again guys... I can only take credit for the idea/directing/drone operation of the video, the editing/animation/3d modelling was all the work my team, with a really really tight deadline.

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