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    Post Self Portrait

    So in a previous post I posted my attempt to make a video looking trippy, and I've worked on my technique. My new updated version has really improved from the last. So yeah here it is. Also I used this video as my self portrait for school and my teacher I content with it.

    Feedback and Suggestions are welcomed.

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    I agree, I think this is a better video. Not sure what was meant with the titles at the end. The shots of you sat down looking moody would have been better if you were looking the other way. To me looking off screen like that makes me think there is something more interesting off screen that you haven't filmed. When framing a shot it's often best to have more space to the front of the person or the direction they are looking toward.

    The focus seemed quite soft in most of the shots I don't know if that is just a result of the effect you have on the video or if you need a bit of focusing practise.

    Not a bad effort over all.

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