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    So I've been thinking about making a feature length documentary, but I'm not sure if my shot composition fits into the style.
    That's my attempt... Any suggestions or advice on what to do?

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    I enjoyed your video - especially since I am trying to learn Spanish

    My comments are as follows:
    - the camera movement was too jerky when you were riding in the car
    - you could show the outside of the building and a few sounds from inside instead of the black screen
    - the music was a bit too loud when the people were talking

    That's it for me


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    It seemed ok as far as I could understand it. I agree with Zams comments.

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    Yeah I see what you mean with the music. I felt like there was a problem with the music, but I wasn't sure where it was. Anyways I'm grateful for the input and will remember it in my next attempt.

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