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    Many will disagree, but I'm adamant the only shocking thing about some fright-films is the shockingly bad way theyíre made. Just seen the sisterhood film ĎThe Descentí, and I reckon chick-lit fans should reject it as insulting to feminism. Six characterless but adventurous women go caving, and they encounter a nasty species of blind sub-humans who wish to eat them. (Come to think of it, this could be any current TV plot.)

    Anyway, each shock is the same formula as the last; itís screaming at fever pitch most of the time, hardly a line of dialogue makes any coherent sense (thatís if you can hear it clearly).

    This isnít film making, itís conveyor belt, made-to-formula business product manufacture. I reckon a) the script was done by the tea boy; b) they asked a part time cleaner to do the storyboard; c) they asked the postman to operate the camera; d) the lighting engineer used 60- watt bulbs. It suffers not only from bad photography, but also sh!t-awful post production.

    I think that, given the same facilities & budget, many contributors to this forum would produce a far more original and interesting product. Had to get this off my chest. Dare say the only thing worse is somebody ranting on about inappropriate subjects on unsuitable forums!

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    And breathe

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    so you didnt enjoy the film then?

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    Me and all my Geordie mates thought it was challa-wallah, Kiddah. Can't you tell?

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