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Thread: I'm back... with a new compilation!

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    Default I'm back... with a new compilation!

    Hi folks

    Tim...Midnight, long time no speak!

    A lot has happened since we last talked... our facebook page hit over 1,000 likes. Wolf Star Pictures has become a Ltd company, I now have a team of 6 people... we are swamped with projects just now and things are busier than ever!

    That being said we attended scotlands first dedicated drift track practice session and we shot a trailer compilation video for it. What do you guys think?


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    Hi Costas

    First off, congratulations for building a client base and developing your business. In terms of the video, I have the following thoughts:

    • For a promo video, which I understand this to be, it doesn't work. The first 20 seconds are either wobbly shots of the sky with a dirty lens, or your own logo. It's not until the end that we're told about the dates.
    • When using a wide angle lens, pay attention to framing. Whenever a wide angle shot was included, the cars were lost on the screen (for example at 43 seconds). Perhaps you could have been closer to the track so that the cars filled more of the frame as they passed the camera.
    • There were too many gimmicks and too literal interpretation of the music in the editing. The reverse and increased speed sections added nothing for me. In fact they took something away.
    • there was no real flow or pacing to the video. It was almost as if the editor decided to have a chunk of one type of shot and then another of a different pace.

    With such great access, I think this could have been so much more.

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    It really depends on the purpose of the video. If you have been paid to promote this new thing then it fails splashing your logo on the screen like that at 16 seconds isn't ok but if it's just you guys having some fun and promoting your company then it's ok. Marc mentioned the shot at 0:43. Was that camera manned or fixed unmanned, it actually looks quite close to the track to me so I don't see how it could be closer H&S etc... I don't disagree with Marc that a closer camera would have looked better but understand why you couldn't get closer.

    The reverse footage at 1:02 and the mirror effect around 2:00 really didn't work for me in fact you should could out that whole 20 seconds. I thought the really fast edits of swapping the cars at 1:16 worked but the last car came in about a frame late, position wise. A lot of it was ok but I think you have to start upping your game if your employing 6 other people.

    I'm going to mention something now which I can't give you advice on how to do it but I think you really need to colour grade this better as now a days normal video looks flat without it for this type of subject matter.

    Glad things are moving forward for you.

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    In general the footage was fit quite well to the music.
    The intro was too long for me.
    00:45 seems to me to be too much (or too little) out of level
    The sequence starting 0:55 was too long and monotone for me
    I liked the car swapping at 01:16

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    Hi folks

    Thanks for the critisms! This wasn't paid work, it was mainly for fun/publicity practice. A good portion of the critisms can't be put into practice but some can be so it's good to see other takes on it.
    We used this video to judge the upcoming Grand opening video we will be doing so hopefully iron out a lot of mistakes.

    Thanks for the oppinions folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwolf View Post
    We used this video to judge the upcoming Grand opening video we will be doing so hopefully iron out a lot of mistakes.
    I'd like to see what you do with the final video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    I'd like to see what you do with the final video.
    Yeah I am excited for it, we pulled out all the stops for this event... bringing in our aerial drones for flying footage.... give's shots like this!

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