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    So i just finished my movie in sony vegas and i want to export it as DVD, and then i will be putting it into dvd architect pro 6. It has to be DVD format so what is the best render settings to do this in? Thanks

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    this is from Vegas online Help (F1)
    If you have DVD Architect Pro software, you can avoid unnecessary transcoding or recompression by using Vegas Pro to render your media files in the appropriate formats prior adding them to your DVD Architect project.
    The Sony Creative Software Inc. AC-3 and MainConcept MPEG-2 encoders provide templates that will produce files that do not require recompression (unless the file size is too large to fit on a DVD).
    You can read more in the Help document Rendering Projects for Use in DVD Architect Pro. "Search" and read the SCS site's Support / Knowledgebase document # 1105 (Vegas rendering settings for DVD) as well.
    Basically you use the MainConcept MPEG-2 DVD Architect PAL (or NTSC, if that's your area) video stream or DVD Architect PAL Widescreen video stream template to render your video stream. You'll need to render your audio stream separately according to the parameters listed in the AC-3 audio (or PCM audio) to the same folder and with the identical file name (only difference being the file extension - .mpg/.ac3). In Project Properties / Video > Full resolution render quality, you might choose "Best" first.
    If the file size is too large, you need to customize the DVD Architect compliant template and use a bitrate calculator to determine the appropriate bitrate. Some users just divide 600 by the length in minutes to get a Mbps value that is close enough. Though DVD A has a Fit to Disc option, that will recompress.

    Some people seem to have problems with DVD Architect Pro 6, so maybe use DVD A Pro 5.2. That should be available to you if you bought the standard Vegas Pro (not the VP Edit).
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    You could burn a DVD straight from Sony Vegas.. Tools/Burn Disc/DVD....
    but if you want to render it out it depends on your project settings..... DVD achitect uses .MPG, which will give you a faster render inside Architect.... Bit rate for a standard DVD is about 8,000,000(8mbps), you could also throw HD files at Sony Architect and it'll compress them to the right file/size for the project, just takes a little more time....

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