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Thread: What do you think about this Vid?

  1. Default What do you think about this Vid?

    Hey there forum!

    I wanted to know what you people think about this video I made. It's a video were my school does for one entire day sports! I got a lot of good feedback on it
    but I wanted to know what the rest of the internet thinks about it ! Hope you enjoy!

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    I think it gives a great positive feel and I'm sure that's the intention. You've got a llot of shots which work ... but unfortunately there are many which suffer from being poorly lit - sometimes within your control sometimes not. It was clearly a sunny day and early on in particular we see lots of shots of people where we cannot see their features at all because the background is lit and they are silhoutetted. You can compensate for this by increasing the exposure on your camera, but this will most likely "blow out" the background. Far better to shoot from the other side (sun behind you). An example where you presumably did not have this option was the "Gangnam Style" bit which would have looked much better if it had been done in te sun. Unfortunately it was in the shadow and the "dullness" was enhanced by the fact you has some sulit stuff in the background. But other than the lighting i thought there was a good selection fo clips and it was edited in a lively and engaging manner. Well done.

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    Good editing, fun, with great variety of shots... As Tim said, light didnt help you there. Maybe you can try to change a bit with contrast/brightness controls on your software... May help some.

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    Thank you for the advice ! I appreciate it!

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    I think you did a good job in showing this day's fun but maybe try to brighten especially the gym shots as TonyBR suggested.


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