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Thread: Talking mouth of a video footage to sync with voice over

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    Default Talking mouth of a video footage to sync with voice over

    I need some advice or tutorial example to help me edit this video I have. This is a product video with a host talking about the product, the host missed an important word on part of his script so I need to make his mouth move in the video to fix the issue. This video was shot a several times, so I do have audio clip if the missing word as well as additional footage of videos that the host did read the script correctly, it's just that the best shot I want to use has that missing word mistake. I have been on the web searching for ways to fix this and I see several mouth moving tutorials that's based on still image so they won't work... The current best bet I have in mind is to mask the part of good clip, feather it, and see if that blends in or not, but this video was shot in 1080p, so it seems like it's going to be a little bit hard. I have not tried the method I had in mind because I want to see if anybody's got any better advice?

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    Can you use a cut away at that point so you don't see his face when the word is said ? This would be a lot simpler than trying to animate the mouth. I can only think of a frame by frame way of doing that so it looks right and even then it would take a lot of skill to make it look real.

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    Yup simple, cut away to something else at that moment.

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    Any takes of the host from behind or side that you can cut to? Kind of cut away, but with the host still on scene...

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    You could "un-group" the audio from the both clips and swap that one word out.... To un-group the AUDIO FROM THE VIDEO just Right Click on the video clip, Group>Clear.... then just slice that one word out and bring in the other one....

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