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Thread: Moving Video Boxes at the end of YouTube Videos - Please Help

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    Default Moving Video Boxes at the end of YouTube Videos - Please Help

    I didn't know whether to put this in the Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere thread

    Below are two examples of what I would like to do in a video. The video starts at the examples.

    I want to know how do you make this video boxes (with the moving footage) in a editing project. I'm a complete novice so I don't know to do it! It is so the viewer can choose a video to watch next at the end of your video. Please click one of the links to wee what I'm talking about

    Would really appreciate it if you could help me

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    It's called picture in picture. Do a search for a tutorial on YouTube for this with the software you use.

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    Thanks. I didn't know so I was curious. So i don't have to get additional software to make the pictures (or videos I guess) to move?

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    I have a tutorial on how to do it in openshot. The principle can be applied to most other video editing softwares and you should get the principle:

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    Thanks XXL Ray

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