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    Hi there i just started using sony vegas 12 and i am making a small movie. I just wanted to create a dvd menu at the start before the movie plays. Things like play, special features etc . Dose anyone know any good software which i could do this in? and then import it to sony vegas? Thanks again for all the help

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    I'm not a Vegas user but I was under the impression that it has a module for this purpose

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    Inserting markers (press M at each chapter point) in Vegas and ticking the relevant box about keeping them when rendering means that you have chapters available in DVDA.


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    There should be some DVD authoring software bundled with Vegas Pro 12, depending on which package you bought, called DVD Architect. Which is what Richard meant when he said DVDA. This will do what you want and much more.

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    Thanks guys will look into that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blindeagle View Post
    Dose anyone know any good software which i could do this in? and then import it to sony vegas?
    Well, to answer your question, NO, you don't make a Menu and import THAT into Vegas. You make/complete your video in Vegas and then import THAT Video into DVDA.

    So, the 3 Steps are, and in this order:-

    Step 1] Make your Video in Vegas

    .... then....

    Step 2] Render your Video for DVDA in Vegas

    .... then....

    Step 3] Import that DVDA compliant Video into DVDA; create your MENUS and everything you asked for within DVDA


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    Thanks so much u explained it amazing

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    You're welcome.

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