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Thread: New to Music Video Editing,Need Help Thanks!!

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    Default New to Music Video Editing,Need Help Thanks!!

    Hello All!! Im new to the Forum.I've been really interested in Filming an creating Music Video's .I have a Canon T3i ,1080 24fps setting.I run Windows 7 an Premiere Pro CC Trial Version (Wanna get used to the Settings before I buy).This is my First Time trying to make a Video.

    Here is the rundown: The syncing of video to audio manually Im getting used to but I keep working at it.(The Trial Version won't let me add Plural Eyes to It unless Im doing something wrong) But no biggie.So far I got 7 Video Tracks an the Main Song Audio Track.Sequence 1: V1-Main Performance Track ,V2-Verse/Scene 1,V3-Verse/Scene 2,V4-Extra add on Clips,V5-Verse 2,V6-Verse 2 Scene 2,V7-Outro I will add after Finished Video.

    Now Almost Done.V1 has the artists performing the whole song.V2,V3,V5 an V6,I had to manually sync cause we were filming on the go.Which resulted in 35-50 second filming for the following performances each.

    The part that confuses me an put me at a stoppsign,Is how can I put all of it together like I want into one Track an still maintain the Syncing.Majority of my Video Tracks are Synced an some Clips are also lined up with the perfomances.Im worried that Ill mess up the syncing Ive done since the synced video tracks are at different timeline points.I know very little about Cutting an Trimming an that might be what I need but again I might knock everything off sync since this my first time.If you need me to explain more Ill be glad to do so.

    ThankYou!! For any Help an Advice you all may give me.

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    If you are anxious about making a mess, save a copy of the project (a backup) which you can retreive if things go wrong.
    "I know very little about Cutting and Trimming". Yes, I recommend you become aware of the various ways to edit. And feel sure there are some guides on YouTube to learn about syncing and locking tracks.
    And, Adobe's own site gives helpful information,

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    Hi Steven,

    First of all I would 'lock' the soundtrack to the main track, so they can never move out of sync. Then I would copy the main track onto another track. This way you always have a fallback position, and a reference.

    You don't have to physically put it into one track on the timeline. Just have the 'whole take' track on the top of the timeline, then cut spaces into it so that the other tracks show through instead. This way you are not moving anything. When that's complete, think about placing the edits into the main track to gain some crossfades if desired, or drop some transitions between the edits. When you push an cut from one track to another it gives you tracing lines so you don't have to worry about losing sync anyway, but this method will cause less mistakes.

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    Thanks Tim an Stripe you helped me alot.Yesterday I was playing an learning more about it.I got the main points down packed,Syncing,Cutting,an Trimming an I can say personally it wasn't hard as I made it out to be.I was able to shell out my first video which was a interesting process.My Client was quite pleased with the results I might add.Im a take both of the advices you guys gave me too an put it in my notes as well.Right now Im waiting on my project to finish uploading to youtube.But Thanks Again!! I might put my Video on the other Section to get some honest suggestions about it.Cause you only get better when people point out your flaws.Not trying to be the best just wanna be good at what I got a passion for an love to do.


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