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Thread: Sony Vegas Video Editing Problem

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    Default Sony Vegas Video Editing Problem

    Hi guys

    Basically, regardless of what video I use in Sony Vegas to edit, it will display like this in the Preview box. In any other program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, the video will display normally in the Preview box, it only distorts like this with Vegas. I should mention that I recently installed a second graphics card so I wasn't using Vegas for a few weeks, then all of a sudden I go back to it and it starts messing up like this. Video file plays perfectly outside of the program with no distortion of any sort, yet once I put them into Vegas it looks like this



    Any help greatly appreciated

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    None too familiar with this, although I use SVMS. Have you contacted sony and searched/reported this issue...?

    I'm wondering if you remove the second Graphics card does the problem disappear?
    Odd though that with other Editors the extra card hasn't affected the preview, - but then software can be a tad funny...
    Recent versions of Vegas have been written to use the Graphics card during Rendering - like CUDA, only better . . . but as so often is the case, it's not that easy to buy cards that meet the requirements.

    Have you discovered if there is a tweak/mechanism that would teach Vegas about the extra card? Can't help thinking that is the likely reason.

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