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Thread: The Truth About Greatness In You

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    The difference between someone who's achieved success and someone who falls short every time is the awareness of knowing that they have greatness instilled upon them.

    We can do or achieve whatever it is we want but first we need to believe in our own greatness before others can see it themselves.

    Just a short video I EDITED together. (I know it's not my own clips but then again it's a motivational/inspirational video... There aren't many that own their own copyrights either. So just enjoy :p)

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouMotivationDotCome View Post
    There aren't many that own their own copyrights either.
    You really don't understand copyright, do you?

    Your statement is totally innaccurate. Unless they have put it into the public domain or sold on their copyright, they own it.

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    It's a bit like saying: "It's OK to take this TV from a thief because he already stole it."

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