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    Hello fellow filmmakers. I am a writer/Director who has just finished shooting a feature. We have started a Youtube channel for filmmakers, chronicling our progress with our feature film. Some of you may find what we're going through educational, useful and/or relateable. We offer tips on filmmaking and film promotion and we'll be covering everything that happens after making a feature including, marketing, film festivals, social media, and distribution.
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    I took a look at your videos/vlogs or what ever. While I have no experience or even inclination to get this type of experience, I think by the time you get to the end of this journey it could make an interesting half hour documentary. So long as you keep it honest and straight as you have so far. Obviously without the annoying cuts that you have in your vlogs.

    I wish you luck with your film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Obviously without the annoying cuts that you have in your vlogs.
    You're so old school, Midnight. I have an 18 y/o nephew who's just started a degree in film production. He does vlogs and apparently this is the way it's done.

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    Yep. Even though I never went to school. I am old school or is that just old.

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    Well . . . I watched the explanation (more questions than answers) and the trailer (?) Maybe I'm old school too, but it all seemed a little overdramatic/acted and something someone straight out of film school 'would' put together.
    I wish them luck, but like everything else in life, if they make something exceptional, that makes a lot of money, it'll be more down to good luck/lucky contacts than original thinking.
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    I think the trailer was way better than the vlog.

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    I hasten to offer any critique as this is the 'Pimpage' Forum, not the 'User Videos'.
    I watched the trailer and one of the vlogs. They are like mini documentaries. And as such, I could judge them using a quotient of 'how much information is imparted' during a 'given period of time'. The trick (perhaps obviously), is to provide information faster than the viewer's attention span.
    It makes me wonder how vbloggers guage the quality of other vbloggers' works.
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