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Thread: build blog of a 3 axis gimbal and multi rotor

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    Hello Guys and Gals
    I make aerial films with my hexcopter and I'm just starting to do my next build which will include a 3 axis direct drive brushless gimbal based on a Movi 5 type gimbal and I thought that maybe some of you guys on here might be interested. The build blog is here but I will be posting updates on here too. The photos below show the yaw arm and the arm that the roll motor is attached to, joined together with clips and plates that I have made.

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    Got the roll arm and motor mounts machined and assembled its a little bit bigger than I need in case I want to use a bigger camera in the future

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    Me again, got the pitch craddle cut and assembled and mounted with the camera balanced for more info click on the link in the first post
    For those that aren't up to scratch with these gimbals, here's a brief explanation

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    What kind of system will be used to control the 3 motors? Does it give accurate feedback on the current position of the axes? I am also curious whether 'gimbal lock' could occur. Ideally, I suppose, one might want a PC/computer to lock onto targets - and then use this gimbal to automatically move the camera.

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    the control system is alexmos open source the mpu is located under the camera and that tells the board what movents are ocurring and the board then puts the opposite input to counter act that movement. It is accurate enough for aerial photography I don't know of anyone who has used it for locking on to an object. this was a test I did on a windy day, the wind speeds where 22mph on the ground as you can see its a very effective system

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    motors finally arrived so I've got the frame assembled and will be wiring it up in the next couple of days click here for more pics

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    A quick test vid for the pitch and roll axes, Click on the link in the first post for more info
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    Wow! I'm extremely impressed

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    That's really smooth.

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    Even smoother now I've got the third axis done. Have a look see what you think. Right, now for the Octocopter

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