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Thread: wreck of the week Sept 21st 2013

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    Very enjoyable, I'm starting to look forward to the wreck of the week ha ha. Do you really film the whole night waiting for this - or maybe you are the official video person?

    The titles were much easier to read this time, but you can also over-do it with the outline size, I liked the simple drop shadow better. And the logo on screen throughout could do with not being bold, so that it doesn't blob into itself so much.

    Meanwhile, I don't know how slow motion this was, but the guy took off into the traffic after the spin, surely he should have stayed still? Scary.

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    Thanks. I'm not an official video guy but I do help out the track and video things all night long and post different videos. If there is a good wreck I make a wreck of the week video but I also make main event videos as well. And do small Clip Of The Day videos I post on my Facebook page. Just a hobby for now.

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    Sounds like fun. Have you thought about being in the middle of the arena to get footage as well as in the stands? Would it be safe? I think then you would have better lighting and colour of the cars, and it gives you a chance at different shots. If your lucky and one of them gets wrecked, you would have close up footage too, or you could at least fake it a bit.

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    Actually I do walk around the infield during the heat races before the main events got some real good close up action shots but I only do it for the heats cause to much in the way of shooting when the cars are on the other side of where I'm standing had one just the other day spin and park right where I was standing lol was a great shot

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