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Thread: Video editing for a scientific project, I'm new to editor, need help!

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    Default Video editing for a scientific project, I'm new to editor, need help!


    I'm totally new for video edit softwares, I need help for a scientific project. I made a little presentation about the problem here

    The point would be to synchronize the video with the recorded curve. I have no clue which editor software to pick for this matter, maybe something simpler, cheaper editor would do since it doesn't involve sound editing. And if you could help me how to go through the steps (what menus to click on, etc.), I'd be grateful!

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    Does the video file already include the audio track? Is the graph already a separate video, or a single graphic? What image processing or video software do you already have experience with?
    The task appears relatively straightforward. And suspect Forum readers can think of dozens of ways to do it.
    It is common for Video editing software (for example, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere) to be able to sync video and audio, add some titles, have a moving bar cross a section of the Frame, and overlay two video tracks.
    The final choice may also depend on the relevence of the video and audio. For example, it would be possible to overlay the graph in a way that would make the 'green' transparent. And it would, in effect, simply float above the background.

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    The video is recorded without any sound by default. The graph would be a bitmap or jpg I would do by printscreening the graph the measuring software made. I have a decent experience with Photoshop and Illustrator softwares, but I never used any video editors before. I'm very lost about which one to use from those. So simply put, the task would involve putting a static picture under the video, making a moving line on it so I can see that the rat's movement causes noise at the same time on the graph or what I see is completely unrelated to its movement, and if possible, to put a counter so I could more easily navigate in the video when tracking the graph's possible noise sections (that would especially come in handy when the editor would manage to 4x fasten my video). So I guess I wouldn't require special multiply or overlay effects.

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    Next action is to get some video editing software ( There are many more titles to choose. And some manufacturer's offer free trial version downloads.
    Some users of Photoshop and Illustrator stay with Adobe; and use one of the editions of Premiere. Many of this Forum's membership use editions of Sony's "Vegas".
    But in the short term, I would advise trying a few, to get used to the world of timelines, video formats and codecs.

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    Ok, thank you, I'll try out Premiere I guess. Can't you help me exactly how to make the steps I need in it? I want nothing else to edit. I'd just memorize those and I'd know everything I'd ever need.

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    It is not practical to provide a list. There are aspects which must be understood, otherwise you will be unable either to fix issues or understand how to get more support.
    For starters, you should install Premiere and practice and consider the following procedures:

    Create a new Project, name it and choose the Folder to store things.
    Create a new Sequence. Choose the video format you want to use.
    Import the Video (menu File/Import). Import the graphic with the waveform graphic.
    Drag the video to a Video Track on the timeline. Drag the image to the timeline onto then empty Video track.
    Change the "Motion" properties of the Image so it only cover part of the original clip.
    Create a new graphic of a barline. Import to Premiere. Add to a track above the Graph image. Use keyframes to 'move' the bar across the frame.

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    Wow, sounds very hard at first, but I'll try to figure how these are go in Premiere. Thanks for the help!

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