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Thread: all premiere video lost

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    Default all premiere video lost

    I would be grateful if anyone could help me.
    I have spent ages making my first video using premiere elements.
    i saved it onto an external hard drive and also saved it just clicking 'save'. I am not sure if this saves it onto the hard drive or onto my pc.
    anyway, I seem to hav lost everything video clips, stills and audio. I now can only bring up a few red screens saying 'media off line'
    Have I lost all my work?
    Could anyone tell me please how to get it back if possible and how to avoid this in the future.
    Pat O

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    The red screens mean that Premiere can't locate your original clips. Sounds like you just need to point it to where the folder(s) are that contain them.

    When you say 'saved the video to an external drive' do you mean you rendered it out? Or you saved the project? This file is only a compiled list, not a movie itself.

    The project file will have the extension .pproj (or similar), so do a search for it. Have you been deleting any files at all? What sort of PC are you using?

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    Dear Tone 33
    thanks for your reply. It sounds as if I have not lost the original files just cant find them.
    Unfortunately, the work is on an external hard drive borrowed from my work and I had to leave it there today. But I am hoping that I can retrieve the files. Not sure how however!
    I am using a dell dimension and it has a lot of memory.
    Also I saved the project and I also saved it rendered as well. But I have the same problem on either one.
    Thanks for helping.
    Pat O

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    If you have 'saved it rendered' then most likely you can relocate it when the external drive is hooked up. This sounds very promising.

    Most of us use an external drive for backup and storage. While editing a video, though, it's customary to keep your clips in folders within the PC's internal hard drive(s), for ease of access. Fingers crossed, you should be on safe ground once you get the external drive back.

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    Thanks Tone
    I got the video back today!
    I will remember to save the clips onto the pc internal hard drive.
    thanks again
    Pat O

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